Wake Up

One day we wake up and it’s a day just like yesterday.

We wake up and realize it’s just like a year ago waking up to a flash of sunlight pouring through the shades

…Turning away to avoid the light—

We wake up and let the first thought define our day

We wake up—either thinking too much, or not at all

…Don’t know which is worse—

We wake up and flow through our morning routine as if it was some ethereal plan destined to happen

We wake up groggy regretting the long night partying, or “hanging out,” or walking… running? , maybe fucking? , or staring hard into the darkness wondering Why the Fuck, can’t I sleep?

We wake up with a smile on our face and force ourselves to believe it’s going to be a great day—and sometimes it is

We wake up expressionless wishing things were better

We wake up with eyes still red and sore from the insomnia that won’t go away

We wake up staring blankly into the ceiling wishing we didn’t have to leave the comfort of our bed

We wake up lost in the dreams we can never remember

We wake up; going through our days and shit happens, and we just can’t even cope, hiding every little detail from everyone, because we believe no one cares

We wake up and it’s always the same, nothing changes (but that’s our fault…)

We wake up wishing it was the last time—losing all motivation to live

Then one day we try…

And we wake up determined to change

We wake up and we think of the good times

We wake up tired from our long night remembering the joys it brought

We wake up and fight ourselves into the day

We fall asleep, and for the first time in a while

We wake up—refreshed—and the sunlight bathes our face in warmth

We wake up and breakfast never tasted better

We wake up; and our day is filled with smiles

We wake up and for the first time we realize we’re happy

And as we lay down we remember all the times we had

All of the moments and challenges we faced to realize that it brought us to this exact moment

Where we would fall asleep

And that would be the last time we woke up.



I used to stay awake because my demons wanted to play.

So I let them…

And ever so often, they won.

Then I met you, and you brushed them away.

So I stayed awake thinking of you instead.

But now you’re gone, and it seems that my demons never left.


Emanating deep within there is a vibration pulsing

Fast then slow, rushing quick through tunnels

That expand and constrict as movement explodes through this weirdly shaped vessel

Where loud heavy falls follow each other

Teetering from one side to the other as we are propelled forward

Bursting into an empty expanse, and suddenly it’s as if we’re weightless

As air attempts to catch us, but drops us effortlessly

Into this cool sensation that floods its way past us, engulfing everything around us

And for a moment there is a slight struggle before emerging above.

With only part of us over the fluid, we’re awestruck by a sight so beautiful.

And it’s such a shame that we cannot be part of the picture that will live within us forever

A bright light burning its way down to join us in this oversized bath

A light that colors the sky in different hues of pink and orange

Here we are, a small part of an endless shutter of images that we’ll never see ourselves in.

No Expression

Sitting in Silence

In my dark cold room

With Chills running through my body

The monsters return to play

While I drag the blade ever so slowly across tender skin

Staring plainly in disappointment,

As blood oozes out and drips down my arm like crimson tears.

Wondering where the pain is 


Standing high over rushing waters

Drenched under icy tears

She’s getting ready to leave

Climbing over the railing

On to the ledge

Her hair swaying with the wind

And it’s almost time to go


I’m screaming deafly into the lightning filled skies

But loud thunder cries cast me aside

I’m freaking out—sprinting aimlessly to her rescue

As she starts to close her eyes

Taking a breath, she leans forward


Everything in that moment freezes

The chilling raindrops all stop in one motion

The flowing rapids stop moving

My heart stops beating

And She stretches out ready to fly


I jump over the edge, reaching for safety

Taking her wrist—all such a surreal moment.

She looks at me dazed—letting out a wheezing gasp.

As if, she were holding her breath her entire life

She let out a whimper and began to weep

I was losing my grip—with panic shivering through my bones

So I took one last moment to save our sanity.


I wanted to see her smile one last time.

So as she stared into my face

I yelled “Together—”my eyes finishing my sentence

Lightning flashed through the stormy night

As she choked on her sobs, and let out a whisper of a laugh

The largest grin struck upon her angelic face.

I let go of the bridge, and hand in hand, we fell

And as we crashed into the water—


I opened my eyes…

Gazing over the ledge

Breathing in the wet, slippery air

I let myself fall

Following the warm rain

Into the chaotic river

The Bully

The Bully.


If Life was; Death is…